Hi guys, I’m lacking inspiration and I would just like to get some new ideas… I would like to here your suggestions, to get an idea of what you guys would like to see. I’m thinking about doing an outfit post or something… Anyway I’m open to anything so just let me know what you think in the comments xox Suraya 


Friday night snack idea: French toast roll ups 

Hey guys, as you may know I love to bake and I have the biggest sweet tooth. I love to get creative in the kitchen and try new things. So I was scrolling through Pinterest when I came across this cool and easy dessert/snack that I had to try, it later became my favourite snack for when I’m craving something sweet. So today I’ve decided to share the recipe with you, so no more wasting time lets get to it…

What you’ll need: 

  1. Bread ( any white or brown)
  2. Two eggs
  3. Milk
  4. Nutella ( or any chocolate spread)
  5. sugar 
  6. Cinnamon 
  7. Baking margarine 


  1. A rolling pin 
  2. Mixing bowl 
  3. Measuring cups 
  4. Frying pan


1.  Cut the crusts of your slices of bread. 

2. Roll the bread out with the rolling pin. 

3. Put a generous amount of Nutella ( or chocolate spread) on you bread slices. 

4. Roll up your bread. 

5. In your mixing bowl mix the two eggs and half a cup of milk together & dip your rolls into the mixture. 

6. Put some butter into your pan and let it melt. Then place your rolls into the pan and fry it on all sides. 

7. In a small bowl mix a quarter cup of sugar with a teaspoon and cinnamon. Then sprinkle on your rolls. 

Serve with ice cream and enjoy 🙂 

That’s all, I hope that you liked this post and try this snack out yourself and enjoy them as much as I do. If you would like to see more posts like this please let me know in the comments. And if you try these out for yourself make sure to tag me in your post so that I can see ( social media tagged in the sidebar ) xox Suraya 

How I wash and condition my hair💆🏽🔑

Hey guys, as you may or may not have known, today marks 5 years that I’ve been natural. So in celebration of this milestone I’ve decided to share my shampooing and conditioning tips, which will leave your hair feeling clean and moisturised. 

So let’s jump straight into it….

What you’ll need for the wash:

1. Shampoo:

• Mixedchicks 

My dad recently attended a hair show in London, where he purchased this range of products that I’ve been dying to try. I must say that this product works wonders on your curls and keeps your hair moisturised for longer. Unfortunately this pruduct is not available in Botswana or South Africa yet, however, you can order it online at:

~An alternative to the mixed chicks shampoo is: 

• TREsemmé Naturals

This product has been my go to product since I started my natural hair journey. TREsemmé has managed to extract all of the essential oils & nutrients your hair needs to grow healthy. However, this product is expensive retailing at around P50 (R67). This product is available at Clicks stores & Supermarkets across Botswana and South Africa.

2. Conditioner:

•TREsemmé Conditioner & Apple cider vinegar 

Again like I said earlier TREsemmé has been by my side since day 1, so it’s obviously my choice for conditioner as well. This retails for about P55 ( R74) and is available at Clicks stores & Supermarkets across Botswana and South Africa.

I know this seems strange, like I thought this was a hair post🙄. Apple cider vinegar is a wonder product, it is brilliant on your natural hair. What I do with the vinegar is mix it with my normal conditioner and comb it through, then wash it out. What the vinegar does is break apart the product build up in your hair and unclog your pores promoting hair growth, it also leaves your hair feeling super clean and define your curls. You can find this at any supermarket.

• Mixed chicks leave in conditioner 

Like I said earlier this product is not available here, which is unfortunate. However, I cannot stress enough the importance of a leave in conditioner, it provides your hair with the constant moisture it needs to grow. A good, convenient alternative to buying a leave in conditioner, is making your own. I make my own leave in conditioner by mixing my everyday conditioner with water at the ratio 1:4 and putting it in a spray bottle, I then spray my hair with this at least twice a week.

• Mixed chicks deep conditioner

It is important to deep condition your hair regularly. I do mine every other Sunday. After washing my hair I apply a generous amount of this product or my regulat conditioner to my damp hair and comb through, then I cover it with a shower cap and chill the whole day and wash it out befor I go to bed. What this does is give your hair a boost of moisture.


Like I said in my previous hair posts, I believe that hair should be combed. I prefer not to use an afro comb when i condition my hair, as I feel that I have less control over the comb and it does not address all of the knots. I use both this wide tooth comb and this comb with two rows of teeth which I got from Clicks, as I feel like they get rid of all of my knots.

I hope that I helped you switch up your wash & conditioning ritual, I hope that I’ve encouraged you to try something new, if I have I would love to see your results and get your feedback { my social media is in the sidebar } xox Suraya 

4 turban tutorials

I’m always looking for different ways to tie my turban. My Sudanese roots from my dads side inspired me to get into turbans. Ever since my dad taught me how to tie a traditional turban I’ve been hooked on to them. I have about 10 different ways that I tie my turban, but I thought that I’ll show you the 4 easiest. I’ll do the rest for my next post HIJAB IDEAS FOR EID. 

1. Peek- a-boo turban 

you need 2 scarfs, 1 colourful & 1 plain. 

  1. Tie the colourful scarf on your head & then tie the plain one over it. 
  2. Bring the two sides over your head. One with the plain side on top & the other with the colourful side on top. 
  3. Secure by tying at the back and tuck in the little end pieces. 

2. Twisted turban 

again you’ll need 2 scarfs of your choice. 

  1. Tie the scarfs on your head, one on top of the other. 
  2. Twist the ends of the scarfs together. 
  3. Bring the two ends over your head and secure by tucking at the back. 

3. Basic turban 

  1. You just need 1 scarf. Tie it on your head and bring the 2 sides over. 
  2. Loop one of the sides around the other. 
  3. Tie it at the back to secure it and tuck in the ends. 

4. Twist back turban 

  1. Tie two scarfs on your head, one on top of the other. 
  2. Pull the two ends up and twist them together. 
  3. Secure it at the back by tucking it in. 

The scarfs are from: 

Zebra print : Woolworths 

Pink, black & beige : market in Mauritius

Blue print : Woolworths 

That’s all for today. I hope that I’ve inspired some of you to try theses out, if I have please make sure to tag me in your posts, so I can see you flex.  { my social media is in the side bar } xx Suraya