How to clean your white sneakers 

Hey guys, 

I know that white sneakers have been in fashion for quite some time now, I mean they’re great and go with everything. However, we are all eventually faced with the same problem, how to clean the dirt off them and make them as good as new. If you live in Africa this is a real struggle. Anyway today I’m here to give you some tips on how to make your shoes look as good as new. 

5 things to remember when cleaning your white sneakers: 

 1. Don’t use bleach or bleaching detergents as a ‘quick fix’ to whiten your sneakers. These products are harmful as they reduce the tensile strength of the canvas.

2. Make use of a soft-bristled brush to remove the dirt from the grubbier parts of your Converse shoes.

3. Rinse with clean water once you have applied soap or a cleaning agent to the shoes.

4. You may wash your Converse shoes in a washing machine, but make sure you keep them separate from coloured clothes.

5. Do not expose the shoes to excessive heat as this will make them yellow.

What I do: 

I normally wash my shoes in a rush, so I just throw them in the washing machine. You could also just immerse them in water and use washing powder and a brush to scrub them. I just wash them with my normal washing powder/detergent, make sure that it is a cold wash as hot water could spread the dirt and turn your shoes brown. I normally do a quick rise and put them out in the sun to dry. However, with this method I’m sometimes left with yellow marks on my shoes. After looking on the Internet and getting tips from my cousins I figured out how to get rid of these marks. 

After rinsing them in water, while they’re still wet, cover them with toilet paper and leave them in the sun to dry. You could also cover them in maize meal while they’re still wet, scrub them and then throw them back into the machine. Either way the results are amazing – not even the slightest bit of yellowing, just sparkling white, as good as new sneakers.

By the way, this trick works on coloured sneakers too, as well as running shoes.

That’s all for today. I hope that my tips help you keep your sneakers sparkly and brand new looking to keep your shoe game on 💯{100}. xox Suraya


Suraya’s Keys to avoiding exam stress🔑

Hey guys, as you know exam season is nearly upon us and we are all diving and searching for our books. I know this time of the year is stressful and gets to all of us, I used to mess up in my exams because of stress… Eventually I found ways to prevent the stress from building up and help me avoid messing up a lot. As I have less than 2 weeks until my mock exams start, I decided to share my tips with you. 

  1. Manage and make the most of every minute you have. 

We are all given our exam dates well in advance so it’s important to study way in advance, which will make your exam experience more enjoyable. 

Make a study timetable, this will help you create a routine and help you be able to utilize every minute of your day, making you more productive. 

       2. Be organized 

This links with the first point of managing your time and making a timetable. After choosing your study method ( I do better when I write things down and draw diagrams). I use study cards, so I have a box to keep them in so I always know where they are. I also find them easy to carry around so I can study any and everywhere. 

I use the rings from an old ring binder file and punch holes in the cards to keep them together when I take them out with me. 

It is important to keep your things together and declutter your surroundings to avoid the stress of searching and digging for your notes. 

          3. Get lots of rest 

I know most of us burn that midnight oil, I find that can lead to forgetting things. If you feed your mind to much at once without rest, you will most likely only remember a fraction of what you studied. 

Studies show that one should get at least 8hours of sleep, so I do most of my work in the afternoon have a 20minute nap and continue studying from around 6 for 2 hours. I cover at least six subjects a day. 

          4. Eat well and exercise

It is important to feed yourself the right things. Like eat loads of fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc that will boost your concentration and keep your immune system strong ( you don’t want to be sick in the exam room ). 

I recommend doing something physical during your study break, go on a walk go to the gym something. This will give your brain time to digest what you’ve just studied and keep the rest of your body happy too. 

Thank you so much for taking time to read through my post. I hope that I helped you get rid of some of your pre exam jitters. I wish you all the best of luck on any exam you have in the future.. Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@surayadereige) for more updates xox Suraya

Eid look 2016

1. Turban/hijab 

Hey guys as you know from my previous turban post, I’m crazy about them. I was going to do something a little more special but I was busy with baking and babysitting, so I opted for something more simple. 

I decided to go for a purple this year as I rarely wear colour on Eid. 

The plain purple scarf is a gift from my dad from Kenya 

The one with butterflies on it is from the Oriental plaza in Johannesburg 

I was super busy yesterday so I decided to do the easiest turban I know. 

Step 1 

Tie the scarf on your head { I look so tired 👀 } 

Step 2 
Bring the two ends over to the front and twist them around. 

Step 3 

Tie and tuck at the back. 

Here’s the final look. 

2. Make up look 

What I used: 

Of course the first step is my matte prep spray from Mac 

Next I use the AJ CrimsonAJ Crimson BB + D cream in number 5 and apply this on the areas that need a little more coverage, this is available at Clicks 

Next I use the Garnier BB cream in dark/foncé,  I apply this all over my face and blend it in with the AJ cream with my fingers. 

Next I set the foundation with my translucent powder by Mac

Then I moved on to my eyes. I used the smokeluxe palette by Mac, I’m using the light/peachy colour on my whole eyelid and the bronze/brown in the crease. I used the AB2 brush by Bobbi Brown for this, I used the narrower side for the whole lid and the flared part for the crease. 

Then for my winged eyeliner I used the Black tied velvet by Mac for my liner and the Fine eye liner brush by Bobbi Brown for the liner. 

Then I curled my lashes with my lash curler from Clicks and used the Mac Exteded Play Lash mascara in endlessly black , I find that this mascara makes my lashes appear extra long and fuller { my tip for achieving the false eyelashe look is coating my lashes in baby powder with a little brush } . 

3. Eyebrows 

For my brows I used the Bobbi Brown brow kit followed by the Clarins brow pencil in number 2 intense brown because I’m never satisfied with brows when I use the brow kit alone. 

4. My Abaya 

I chose to weaken of my abayas that I got at the Christmas market in Cape Town. I got a salmon one and a space grey one. I chose to wear the grey one as it goes with my purple scarf. ( I didn’t take a complete outfit photo yesterday so here’s a throwback to when I last wore it. ) 

I hope I gave some of you some inspiration for your next fancy/ outing/ wedding look. Please be sure to follow my on Instagram for more updates ( tagged in sidebar. xox Suraya


Hey guys, 

I’m sorry for the lack of posts, I was planning on posting an Eid look {turban/hijab, make up & outfit} today but life happened and I got home late. So be sure to catch my post tomorrow morning. 

xox Suraya