DIY: cowash

Hey guys, so today I’ve decided to share my DIY COWASH with you guys. Some of you may ask yourselves “what is a cowash?” , well… Co-washing is short for “conditioner-only washing.” It means skipping shampoo and relying solely on conditioner ( because sometimes we get lazy ) . My cowash recipe is natural and gives my hair that moisture & shine that it needs, it also makes my curls look flawless ( but you guys never see them because I always comb my hair out👀 ). Let’s get straight to it… 

You’ll need: 

  1. a conditioner of your choice
  2. 2 tablespoons of raw coconut oil
  3. 2 tablespoons of raw Shea butter
  4. 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil 
  5. a jar for storage 

What to do: 

Take your jar and fill 3/4 of it with your conditioner, next add your coconut oil, Shea butter & olive oil { I suggest leaving them out to melt a bit if they are pressed, if not just use a blender to mix all of your ingredients together } et voila your cowash is done & ready for use {use it like your basic shampoo}.  Feel free to add more oils such as Argan oil for increase shine and to cover the smell of the Shea butter ( as it can be strong ). 

Your cowash is ready to leave your hair feeling great. 

Conditioner by Mixed chicks available from

Coconut oil from DisChem

Shea Butter from family in Sudan 

Olive oil from your everyday supermarket 

I hope you guys found this post interesting/useful, I know that many other people use this recipe/ or ones similar to it, but I thought that it would be something that you guys would like to see. xox Suraya 


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