Highlights of 2016 

Hey guys, as the year is coming to close I’ve decided to re-cap on a few of my highlights of this year. 2016 has been a pretty eventful year for me I mean I, restarted/launched my blog, basically finished high school & visited the country my father grew up, just to name a few things. Let’s get straight to my favourite moments. 

1. Prom with my friends 
I mean it was amazing to get to dress up & see my friends transform. We laughed, danced, made noise during speeches. I mean we were basically the highlight of Prom. 

2. Freaky Friday 

Freaky Friday is a tradition at my school, it marks the end of the form 5s ( seniors ) life as students at our school. It’s basically your last moment of fun before the month of exams. Basically the “seniors” can do anything they want to the other students and sometimes even the teachers. 

3. Visiting Sudan 
If you saw my last post { https://thepyramidjournal.wordpress.com/2016/12/18/travel-post-sudanethiopia/ } you’ll know all about this trip, but to sum it up it was an amazing experience to see the country that my dad grew up in & the country I’m from. I’m definitely going back soon. 

4. Relaunching my blog and my business deals 
I got the pleasure of collaborating with a watch brand that I’ve admired for years, Barbas & Zacari. My code is still valid until the 31st of December. Use the code “SURAYADEREIGE” to get 15% off and free shipping, head to barbasandzacari.com

5. Family time 

I guess this one speaks for itself, 2016 was filled with amazing family moments. 

Those are my top 5 highlights of 2016, here’s to an amazing and eventful 2017. Happy New Year everyone xox Suraya 


Travel post: Sudan/Ethiopia 

Hey guys!!! I know I’ve been quiet for a while, that was because I was busy traveling but I’m back and have a line up of things to share with you guys. 
Today I’ve decided to do a travel post ( since I’ve been traveling ). This year I visited my Sudan, where my father grew up, it was definitely an amazing experience… so let’s get to the post. ​​

Passport CHECK & we’re off
Suraya always has to have the window seat

​just before we started our descent into Addis Ababa. shoutout to Ethopian Airlines for the great service and hospitality on all 4 of my flights during this trip. 

Sunrise at Addis Ababa international airport
A quick picture at sunset in my grandparents backyard after a long day out at the market
​Sunset view from my bedroom balcony at my grandparents home on the Blue Nile. 

​​Sunset view from the beach in front of our house 

The following pictures were taken during an afternoon drive along the Nile and through Ombdurman 

Outfit details:

Abaya: Christmas Market in Cape Town 

Scarf: Woolworths

Here is an image taken in a workshop that makes clay pots which are used to store water and keep it cool.
Minarets at sunset

Outfit details: 

Dress: a Market in Sudan

Sheer shirt: Foschini

Scarf: Woolworths

Family selfie at the National Museum with Nubian hieroglyphics

Photos of Sudanese weddings thanks to the museum. Unfortunately I didn’t get to attend a Sudanese wedding as I left 2 days before one was going to take place. 

Family selfie while waiting for the dervishes to start

​The dervishes, in the zone!! This is by far the most chilled version of Islam ​that I’ve ever seen. 

Pictures taken at our farm

Henna done on my last day in Sudan

VI hope that you guys found this post interesting, if you have any questions about my trip feel free to ask away in the comments. Sudan & Ethiopia are such magical places I’m definitely going back soon. I’m going to do many more travel posts in the new year as I will be traveling a lot. See you all in my next post, don’t forget to checkout my social media (tagged in sidebar) xox Suraya