My top 5 lipsticks 

1. Heroine by Mac
I am definitely one for out of the box colours and heroine is definitely that.

This colour is perfect for a night out or if you want to stand out at an event. The best thing about this colour is that it looks great on any skin colour.


2. Photo by Mac

Every girl needs a good brown lipstick. My number one brown lipstick has to be photo.

It’s a matte lipstick that lasts all day long. Again this colour works on every complexion and has a unique look on everyone which makes it great.


3. Ingénue by Revlon

Every girl needs a nude lipstick, to add a little something to their everyday look.

This is my everyday nude, it has a pinkish tinge to it. I must say that it keeps your lips moisturised the whole day. This lipstick is great, however, it does not suit everyone, so I recommend that you try it on and get someone’s opinion before you buy it.


4. Stone by Mac 

This is great for a night out. It has that ashy look, but does not make your lips look dry.

This colour looks kind of brown on people with a lighter complexion, it looks more grey on me with a slight touch of brown.

This colour looks amazing on every and any complexion out there.


5. Grandest grape by Clinique

This colour is kind of a mix of Heroine and Ingénue with a touch of pink. I like to wear this colour when I don’t feel brave enough to wear Heroine.

This colour is more glossy and keeps your lips moisturised throughout the day. It looks great on every complexion.


I hope you liked this little list, leave a comment if you would like to see more posts like this or if you have any suggestions. Thanks xox Suraya.

How I edit my selfies for Instagram 

As I mentioned in my previous post I edit my photos with Vsco and PicsArt. However, when it comes to selfies I only use Vsco for editing. 

Today I’m going to show you what filter I use ( when it’s not black and white ) on all of my selfies. Here we go: 

1. Pick a selfie

This is probably the hardest part. As a girl I take like a million selfies just to chose one & I know we all do. I take all of my selfies on snapchat, somehow I find it better than my normal selfie cam. 
2. Choose a filter

I just love a good filter. My favourite Vsco filter is A4 analogue. This is not a default filter, but it is free from the Vsco store. I put it on +9 because it works best for my skin tone. So play and adjust it until it suits your skin tone. 
3. Adjust the exposure 

I only do this because the filter I use can is rather pale. So I only adjust it slightly to -1. 

4. Adjust the temperature

I only do this to a few of my selfies in order to make them go with my feed, so I only adjust it slightly ( -1 , which is cooler ) 
5. Adjust the skin tone

I use -2 which gives my photos a pinkish undertone to go with my feed. 
6. Post it

✨ and you’re ready to post it on Instagram. 

I hope that you found my tips helpful and that you try them out yourself. If you do make sure you tag me @surayadereige so I can see you glow. Don’t forget to comment your thoughts and suggestions for future posts below xox Suraya. 

Suraya’s Tips and Tricks for Instagram 

Have you ever wonder how people get their photos to look so flawless on the Gram… How do they do that? and How do they get so many followers? I was in the same position once. I’ve done loads of research and tested many things and this is what has worked for me. 

For editing pics

1. A good camera
You’d be surprised to find out that most people with high quality pictures all over their profile, often don’t own the cameras that we associate with photographers. 

The best tool to have nowadays is the device that you carry everywhere with you, yes your cellphone. I take all of my pictures on my iPhone. 

2. Good lighting 

To me this is the most important thing ( besides a camera ) needed to take a photo. Lighting is everything!!! You can’t go back and add lighting once you’ve taken a photo. 

For selfies I suggest standing by a window or outside or even a white/bright object. 

3. Editing and filters 

Almost 99% of the photos that you see on Instagram have gone through some editing. The editing that I’m speaking of has nothing to do with body manipulation, I’m talking about adjusting the contrast of a photo and that stuff. All of my editing is done on Vsco & PicsArt, I mainly use these for filters ( I prefer to add the filters after I’ve taken the photo ). 


For gaining followers

1. Follow people with a similar style & taste to yourself

Don’t be afraid to follow as many people as you wish, this gets your account out there. By following people with similarities to yourself you could end up being posted as a similar account which could make their followers take a glance at your account and even follow you. 

2. Use tags

By using tags you put your account out there for people who have used the same hashtags to see, which could lead to you gaining followers. 

I have tried all of the methods I’ve stated above and they’ve worked for me & I hope that they work for you as well. Now let’s take a look at my Instagram ( @surayadereige ):

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried these tips or want to see a post from me in the future xox Suraya

A fresh start

Hi guys, 

If you’ve been following me for a while or clicked my link on my Instagram you are probably wondering, ‘hey! what happened to all of her posts!?’ No need to be alarmed, I wasn’t really digging the look of my blog so I’ve decided to restart. I’ve decided to focus more on things that I love like clothes, shoes, photography & other pretty things. 

So many exciting things are on the way. 

xox Suraya