Pink-neutral makeup look 

So I drew some eyes and put the makeup look on them ( yes I used real makeup in my sketchbook ), because I have the flu and my eyes are puffy. I promise that the next makeup look that I do will be seen on me xxx
Hey guys 

So today I’m going to share a simple pink-brown makeup look {as seen in the drawing above}

Tools & products:

Beauty Treats essential makeup palette

The colours used (1 & 3 in the crease) (2 &3 used on the lid)

MAC black tied velvet eyeshadow( used as liner)

Bobbi Brown sweep brush
Bobbi Brown blender brush

Bobbi Brown ultra precise eye liner brush


  1. I use my primer or concealer to prime my eyelids
  2. I mix number 1 & 3 from my palette and put this in my crease ( occasionally add a warmer brown or gold ) 
  3. Use my concealer on my lids tho create the “cut crease” look. 
  4. Mix colours 2 & 3 and put this on my lid ( if I want a more pink look I mix colour 1 in sometimes I add a golden colour) 
  5. Liner liner liner 
  6. Done. 
    Here’s the more pink version ft my cousin Aisha

Instagram- @aishamelamu

      Thank you guys for viewing this post, I’m still experimenting with makeup looks and am hoping to share them with you in the future xox Suraya 


      Eid look 2016

      1. Turban/hijab 

      Hey guys as you know from my previous turban post, I’m crazy about them. I was going to do something a little more special but I was busy with baking and babysitting, so I opted for something more simple. 

      I decided to go for a purple this year as I rarely wear colour on Eid. 

      The plain purple scarf is a gift from my dad from Kenya 

      The one with butterflies on it is from the Oriental plaza in Johannesburg 

      I was super busy yesterday so I decided to do the easiest turban I know. 

      Step 1 

      Tie the scarf on your head { I look so tired 👀 } 

      Step 2 
      Bring the two ends over to the front and twist them around. 

      Step 3 

      Tie and tuck at the back. 

      Here’s the final look. 

      2. Make up look 

      What I used: 

      Of course the first step is my matte prep spray from Mac 

      Next I use the AJ CrimsonAJ Crimson BB + D cream in number 5 and apply this on the areas that need a little more coverage, this is available at Clicks 

      Next I use the Garnier BB cream in dark/foncé,  I apply this all over my face and blend it in with the AJ cream with my fingers. 

      Next I set the foundation with my translucent powder by Mac

      Then I moved on to my eyes. I used the smokeluxe palette by Mac, I’m using the light/peachy colour on my whole eyelid and the bronze/brown in the crease. I used the AB2 brush by Bobbi Brown for this, I used the narrower side for the whole lid and the flared part for the crease. 

      Then for my winged eyeliner I used the Black tied velvet by Mac for my liner and the Fine eye liner brush by Bobbi Brown for the liner. 

      Then I curled my lashes with my lash curler from Clicks and used the Mac Exteded Play Lash mascara in endlessly black , I find that this mascara makes my lashes appear extra long and fuller { my tip for achieving the false eyelashe look is coating my lashes in baby powder with a little brush } . 

      3. Eyebrows 

      For my brows I used the Bobbi Brown brow kit followed by the Clarins brow pencil in number 2 intense brown because I’m never satisfied with brows when I use the brow kit alone. 

      4. My Abaya 

      I chose to weaken of my abayas that I got at the Christmas market in Cape Town. I got a salmon one and a space grey one. I chose to wear the grey one as it goes with my purple scarf. ( I didn’t take a complete outfit photo yesterday so here’s a throwback to when I last wore it. ) 

      I hope I gave some of you some inspiration for your next fancy/ outing/ wedding look. Please be sure to follow my on Instagram for more updates ( tagged in sidebar. xox Suraya