First they were 2 now they are 1

Hey guys, 

Yesterday I attended my cousins engagement ( do I have to say anymore, you all know what this post will be about )  Let’s dive straight to the pictures. 

“All because he POPPED the question” The cute little gifts we got ( caramel & chocolate popcorn )

What I wore: 

Peep the matching shoes 👀

Dress: Izaura| Shoes: Studio W | Hoops: Colettes | Shrug: Foschini | Clutch: a gift

Pics from the event: 

I feel like such an idiot for not taking any pictures of the food and the amazing dessert 😦   But trust me it was to die for. 

They are such a beautiful couple, I wish them all the best and I can’t wait for the wedding. 

 Overall it was a great night, these two are obviously smitten and that is beautiful. Don’t forget to follow me on my other social media ( tagged in the sidebar ) 


Eid Mubarak

Hey and Eid Mubarak to all of my Muslim followers x. Today I have decided to share my Eid outfit with all of you 🙂 

I decided to rock a more casual look this year because I’m not doing anything fancy this year :). 

Head scarf: Woolworths ( tutorial will be in my next post )

Sunglasses: Cottonon ( also available at Zara ) 

Earrings: Colette

Peasant shirt: H&M ( snatched from my mums closet ) 

Vest: Foschini

Jeans: River Island

Boots: Forever21

I hope that you all have an amazing day and week, stay blessed 

My winter favourites 

Hey guys, my favourite season is around the corner so I decided to share a few of my favourite pieces with you all 🙂 

1. A bomber jacket I mean no one can go wrong with a good bomber jacket, this one is super padded and warm plus I love the flower details on the sleeves ( major trend ). This beautiful cropped bomber jacket is from Cottonon

2. Leather mini skirt
I think that this is just a cute piece for a night out ( paired with tights of course ). I tend to wear a lot of dark colours in winter, so this piece just adds some colour to my outfits. This skirt is from Zara

    3. An oversized denim jacket Everyone needs a denim jacket, that’s all that I’m going to say. This jacket is snatched from my mums closet 🙂 
    4. Ankle boots Ankle boots are just so cute and are comfortable. These bad boys are from Forever 21
    5. A leather jacket Every girl should have a leather/ faux leather jacket in their closet, they make an outfit look more polished and adds a little edge to your look. This one is from Zara

    Thanks for checking out this post, obviously I have way more winter favourites ( the list goes on ) but I just decided to share a few. Don’t forget to check out my social media ( tagged in the sidebar ). see you later 

    A night in Cuba

    ​​​Hey guys, today I’ve decided to share a few pictures from my uncles surprise Cuban themed party this past Saturday. It was a super fun night. 

    ​ some decor from the entrance 

    Ready to go

    Group pictures/selfies:

    Food glorious food 

    It was really fun to dress up, celebrate and dance til late with my family. xox Suraya 

    Travel post: Sudan/Ethiopia 

    Hey guys!!! I know I’ve been quiet for a while, that was because I was busy traveling but I’m back and have a line up of things to share with you guys. 
    Today I’ve decided to do a travel post ( since I’ve been traveling ). This year I visited my Sudan, where my father grew up, it was definitely an amazing experience… so let’s get to the post. ​​

    Passport CHECK & we’re off
    Suraya always has to have the window seat

    ​just before we started our descent into Addis Ababa. shoutout to Ethopian Airlines for the great service and hospitality on all 4 of my flights during this trip. 

    Sunrise at Addis Ababa international airport
    A quick picture at sunset in my grandparents backyard after a long day out at the market
    ​Sunset view from my bedroom balcony at my grandparents home on the Blue Nile. 

    ​​Sunset view from the beach in front of our house 

    The following pictures were taken during an afternoon drive along the Nile and through Ombdurman 

    Outfit details:

    Abaya: Christmas Market in Cape Town 

    Scarf: Woolworths

    Here is an image taken in a workshop that makes clay pots which are used to store water and keep it cool.
    Minarets at sunset

    Outfit details: 

    Dress: a Market in Sudan

    Sheer shirt: Foschini

    Scarf: Woolworths

    Family selfie at the National Museum with Nubian hieroglyphics

    Photos of Sudanese weddings thanks to the museum. Unfortunately I didn’t get to attend a Sudanese wedding as I left 2 days before one was going to take place. 

    Family selfie while waiting for the dervishes to start

    ​The dervishes, in the zone!! This is by far the most chilled version of Islam ​that I’ve ever seen. 

    Pictures taken at our farm

    Henna done on my last day in Sudan

    VI hope that you guys found this post interesting, if you have any questions about my trip feel free to ask away in the comments. Sudan & Ethiopia are such magical places I’m definitely going back soon. I’m going to do many more travel posts in the new year as I will be traveling a lot. See you all in my next post, don’t forget to checkout my social media (tagged in sidebar) xox Suraya 

    My top reads

    Hi guys so today I’ve decided to share a few of my favourite books with you since the holidays are approaching and many of us will be traveling, so if you need some new books to read, or not sure if you should buy a book or if you just need something to keep you entertained (besides your phone) during an upcoming trip, this post is for you. 

    1. Fashion books 

    i) style

    These books are related to style and have fun little illustrations of ideas and fashion dos & don’ts. The 2 I’m sharing today are related to Paris since that is one of the most classic and timeless places when it comes to fashion. 

    • Parisian Chic by Sophie Gachet


    The illustrations are hilarious but get the message across

    •Paris Street Style by Isabelle Thomas & Frédérique Veysset

    This book is full of images and illustrations of some of Paris’ best street style which can inspire many outfits

    ii) fashion biographies 

    These books are about personal style stories of one of the biggest fashionistas of the past and one of the biggest fashionistas of our time, as well as one of my favourite fashion designers. 

    • IT by Alexa Chung

    You can just see how used and loved this book is by how dirty the cover is…
    This book is full of images of Alexa’s style and those who inspired it as well as her cute illustrations.

    • Diane Vreeland – Empress of Fashion by Amanda Mackenzie Stuart

     For those of you who don’t know Diane Vreeland is, she was a noted columnist and editor in the field of fashion. She worked for the fashion magazines Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue and as a special consultant at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She was named to the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame in 1964. So the title Empress of fashion is very appropriate. 

    The book is full of images of Diane’s style and this fashionable lady at work. The book goes through her life story and how she developed her style and got to where she was.

    • The woman I wanted to be by Diane von Furstenberg 

    Diane von Furstenberg is one of the greatest fashion designers of our time, her work is so elegant and timeless. This book shows us how Diane got to become the woman she is today.

    2. Drama/romance 

    • If I stay by Gayle Forman

    This book is an emotional roller coaster it leaves you on the edge of your seat as we wait to see what Mia’s decision will be.

    3. Comedy

    • Shoe Addicts Anonymous by Beth Harbison

    My mom actually lent me this book as a joke because my dad always thinks that I’ll end up like one of these girls. This is a funny story of 5 women that are all addicted to shopping and shoes { it’s very similar to the movie Confession of a shop-a-holic}, it is an extremely funny book.

    4. John Green 

    • Looking for Alaska by none other than John Green

    This book is an emotional roller coaster, it is honestly my favourite book I have read it over and over again.

    All of these books can be ordered from your local bookstore. I ordered all of mine from Exclusive Books

    Thanks for checking out my book post, I hope you all invest in a good book for your travels this holiday. xox Suraya 

    DIY fashion trends for Summer 2016 

    Hi guys, I’m officially back from my exam break & I decided to come back with a DIY that are on trend and will ensure that you look good throughout this summer ( it’s summer here in Southern Africa). So let’s get straight to the DIY’s..


    The finished look

    First we have this super cute denim choker as seen on Kim Kardashian-West

    Denim choker on Kim Kardashian-West

    How to: 

    1. Cut the end off an old pair of jeans ( preferably wider legs). Make sure that it’s a little wider than you want your choker to be.
      Ps. I think that this choker looks best with a lighter shade of denim.
    2. Cut the piece of denim so that it is now open so you can attach the clip or button to one end. 
    3. Wrap the denim around your neck to make sure that it’s not too loose, then adjust it’s length the 2 ends and cut one to make sure that they overlap slightly ( only do this step if you wish to sew on a button, if not cut the 2 ends so that there is a little gap between them for the clamp to go )
    4. If you are using the clamps, poke a hole in both ends of the denim and put the clamps through each end and secure them in the holes with tweezers or pliers. 
    5. If you are using a button simply sew it on by sewing through the button several times to secure it. ( I recommend sewing a button on as it will be stronger
    6. And you’re done and have a fabulous choker. 


    This is the end look

    Next we have this super cool way to wear an old jumper inspired by the jumper skirt by 
    So if you’re tired of wearing your same old skirts or just want to add a little something to your outfit, this could work for you. 

    The sweater skirt seen on Janice Joostema

    Sweatshirt if by Atmosphere from Primark
    How to: 

    1. Take an old jumper  (make sure to use a jumper that you will never wear it as a sweatshirt again because you are going to stretch the neckline
    2. Stretch the neckline to make sure that it fits around your waist ( this is going to end up being a high waisted skirt
    3. Put the jumper on like a skirt and tie it loosely. Be sure to tie it without lumps from the sleeves popping out. 
    4. And your done 

      3. FRAYED JEANS 

      Here’s the finished product

      This trend is super simple and very easy to do yourself. 

      The trend is seen here on these jeans by rag&bone

      Jeans are the curvy skinny by Levis

      How to: 

      1. Put on your jeans and mark them at your ankles with chalk. 
      2. Cut them where you marked them. 
      3. Throw them in the washing machine and dryer for a nice frayed look ( they come out looking like store bought frayed jeans ) 


        This sparkly trend has been rocked by many celebrities including Kim Kardashian-WestKendall Jenner & many others. It is super girly and can completely transform a simple night out outfit. 

        Here the sparkly choker trend is seen on Kamilla Osman

        How to: 

        1. You start off with a simple iron on wedding dress accessories or sparkly ribbon which can be bought from any fabric store. However, today I’m going to use a sparkly headband that I found at Clicks
        2. Simply prick a hole in each end of the iron on embellishment and put on the clamps on both sides and secure them with tweezers or pliers. 
        3. And you’re done 

        5. FUR SLIDES 

        The finished product

        I know that this sounds more like a winter thing, but this trend is super hot for the summer. 

        How to: 

        1. Just take an old pair of regular slides, or brand new slides. 
        2. Next take your faux fur { this can be bought from any fabric store } and cut it to match the size of the upper part of the slides. 
        3. Next glue on the fur with super glue or use a hot glue gun. The let it dry and set. 
        4. Now give the fur a “haircut”, trim it to align with the slide or to overlap the top slightly. 
        5. You’re done and ready to go. 

             The lipstick that I’m wearing today is Stone by Mac cosmetics 

            Thanks for reading today’s post. I hope that my DIY’s will help you look fabulous this summer. If you try any of them out be sure to tag me in your posts {my social media is tagged in the sidebar}, I would love to see your results & see you shine xox Suraya