What’s new in my makeup bag…

Hey guys, 

Firstly I would like to apologise for being inactive for such a long time, I haven’t been inspired lately. But anyway I’m back now!!! Today I’ve decided to share my favourite recent makeup purchases with you, I got most of these products in December & one of the palettes in February. Let’s get to it….

1. Fenty beauty 

Of course I HAD to get some Fenty beauty products while I was in London in December. I stood in line at Harvey Nicols for Riri. 

I got some concealer, in the shade Suede
The star of the show & my FAVOURITE product right now, a little piece of Rihanna’s Skin, the foundation. I am a 410

I had to get the primer for the full effect.

I absolutely love these products, they are amazing!!! 

2. Naked: Heat by Urban Decay 

I love love love this palette, the colours are so spicy ( for lack of a better word ), the shimmer in the colours is stunning. The colours range from more subtle hues for the day time to more intense/warm colours perfect for a night out.  You can’t see the shimmer and intensity of the colours in the picture 💔

3. Sleek MakeUp

I was gifted this palette from one of my aunts. I’ve never owned a palette with such bright and vibrant colours, I tend to gravitate more towards neutral colours but I must say that these colours are stunning. 

That’s all folks… I promise to be more active in the future, I have a lot in store for you guys. Stay updated by following me on all of my other social media {linked in the sidebar } also I have a new Instagram account (@surayeats) dedicated to food and what I eat ( your girl loves food) so go follow me if you love food. Until next time. 


March favourites

Hey guys… it’s already March and today I’ve decided to share a few of my favourite things with you. 

  1. Garnier – Micellar Cleansing Water
    I love this product, I use it EVERY SINGLE DAY it works wonders and removes all of your makeup without leaving your skin feeling dry.
  2. Distraction ~ love swept
    This perfume is very floral and basically smells like summer it’s from Woolworths’ Distraction line
  3. Vanilla lip balm by Poetry
    This is a Shea butter lip balm, which keeps your lips moisturised for long however it’s kind of hard, but it’s worth it. Also it smells amazing!!
  4. My top 3 summer nail polishes 
    These colours are bright & perfect for summer, I also adore these nail polish brands they are of such good quality and all of their colours are AMAZING!!

    The first is geranium by Essie

    Second is 240 gel polish by Revlon

    And finally E72 by OPI

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    Pink-neutral makeup look 

    So I drew some eyes and put the makeup look on them ( yes I used real makeup in my sketchbook ), because I have the flu and my eyes are puffy. I promise that the next makeup look that I do will be seen on me xxx
    Hey guys 

    So today I’m going to share a simple pink-brown makeup look {as seen in the drawing above}

    Tools & products:

    Beauty Treats essential makeup palette

    The colours used (1 & 3 in the crease) (2 &3 used on the lid)

    MAC black tied velvet eyeshadow( used as liner)

    Bobbi Brown sweep brush
    Bobbi Brown blender brush

    Bobbi Brown ultra precise eye liner brush


    1. I use my primer or concealer to prime my eyelids
    2. I mix number 1 & 3 from my palette and put this in my crease ( occasionally add a warmer brown or gold ) 
    3. Use my concealer on my lids tho create the “cut crease” look. 
    4. Mix colours 2 & 3 and put this on my lid ( if I want a more pink look I mix colour 1 in sometimes I add a golden colour) 
    5. Liner liner liner 
    6. Done. 
      Here’s the more pink version ft my cousin Aisha

    Instagram- @aishamelamu

        Thank you guys for viewing this post, I’m still experimenting with makeup looks and am hoping to share them with you in the future xox Suraya 

        DIY fashion trends for Summer 2016 

        Hi guys, I’m officially back from my exam break & I decided to come back with a DIY that are on trend and will ensure that you look good throughout this summer ( it’s summer here in Southern Africa). So let’s get straight to the DIY’s..

        1. DENIM CHOKER 

        The finished look

        First we have this super cute denim choker as seen on Kim Kardashian-West

        Denim choker on Kim Kardashian-West

        How to: 

        1. Cut the end off an old pair of jeans ( preferably wider legs). Make sure that it’s a little wider than you want your choker to be.
          Ps. I think that this choker looks best with a lighter shade of denim.
        2. Cut the piece of denim so that it is now open so you can attach the clip or button to one end. 
        3. Wrap the denim around your neck to make sure that it’s not too loose, then adjust it’s length the 2 ends and cut one to make sure that they overlap slightly ( only do this step if you wish to sew on a button, if not cut the 2 ends so that there is a little gap between them for the clamp to go )
        4. If you are using the clamps, poke a hole in both ends of the denim and put the clamps through each end and secure them in the holes with tweezers or pliers. 
        5. If you are using a button simply sew it on by sewing through the button several times to secure it. ( I recommend sewing a button on as it will be stronger
        6. And you’re done and have a fabulous choker. 


        This is the end look

        Next we have this super cool way to wear an old jumper inspired by the jumper skirt by thpshop.co 
        So if you’re tired of wearing your same old skirts or just want to add a little something to your outfit, this could work for you. 

        The sweater skirt seen on Janice Joostema

        Sweatshirt if by Atmosphere from Primark
        How to: 

        1. Take an old jumper  (make sure to use a jumper that you will never wear it as a sweatshirt again because you are going to stretch the neckline
        2. Stretch the neckline to make sure that it fits around your waist ( this is going to end up being a high waisted skirt
        3. Put the jumper on like a skirt and tie it loosely. Be sure to tie it without lumps from the sleeves popping out. 
        4. And your done 

          3. FRAYED JEANS 

          Here’s the finished product

          This trend is super simple and very easy to do yourself. 

          The trend is seen here on these jeans by rag&bone

          Jeans are the curvy skinny by Levis

          How to: 

          1. Put on your jeans and mark them at your ankles with chalk. 
          2. Cut them where you marked them. 
          3. Throw them in the washing machine and dryer for a nice frayed look ( they come out looking like store bought frayed jeans ) 


            This sparkly trend has been rocked by many celebrities including Kim Kardashian-WestKendall Jenner & many others. It is super girly and can completely transform a simple night out outfit. 

            Here the sparkly choker trend is seen on Kamilla Osman

            How to: 

            1. You start off with a simple iron on wedding dress accessories or sparkly ribbon which can be bought from any fabric store. However, today I’m going to use a sparkly headband that I found at Clicks
            2. Simply prick a hole in each end of the iron on embellishment and put on the clamps on both sides and secure them with tweezers or pliers. 
            3. And you’re done 

            5. FUR SLIDES 

            The finished product

            I know that this sounds more like a winter thing, but this trend is super hot for the summer. 

            How to: 

            1. Just take an old pair of regular slides, or brand new slides. 
            2. Next take your faux fur { this can be bought from any fabric store } and cut it to match the size of the upper part of the slides. 
            3. Next glue on the fur with super glue or use a hot glue gun. The let it dry and set. 
            4. Now give the fur a “haircut”, trim it to align with the slide or to overlap the top slightly. 
            5. You’re done and ready to go. 

                 The lipstick that I’m wearing today is Stone by Mac cosmetics 

                Thanks for reading today’s post. I hope that my DIY’s will help you look fabulous this summer. If you try any of them out be sure to tag me in your posts {my social media is tagged in the sidebar}, I would love to see your results & see you shine xox Suraya 

                  Eid look 2016

                  1. Turban/hijab 

                  Hey guys as you know from my previous turban post, I’m crazy about them. I was going to do something a little more special but I was busy with baking and babysitting, so I opted for something more simple. 

                  I decided to go for a purple this year as I rarely wear colour on Eid. 

                  The plain purple scarf is a gift from my dad from Kenya 

                  The one with butterflies on it is from the Oriental plaza in Johannesburg 

                  I was super busy yesterday so I decided to do the easiest turban I know. 

                  Step 1 

                  Tie the scarf on your head { I look so tired 👀 } 

                  Step 2 
                  Bring the two ends over to the front and twist them around. 

                  Step 3 

                  Tie and tuck at the back. 

                  Here’s the final look. 

                  2. Make up look 

                  What I used: 

                  Of course the first step is my matte prep spray from Mac 

                  Next I use the AJ CrimsonAJ Crimson BB + D cream in number 5 and apply this on the areas that need a little more coverage, this is available at Clicks 

                  Next I use the Garnier BB cream in dark/foncé,  I apply this all over my face and blend it in with the AJ cream with my fingers. 

                  Next I set the foundation with my translucent powder by Mac

                  Then I moved on to my eyes. I used the smokeluxe palette by Mac, I’m using the light/peachy colour on my whole eyelid and the bronze/brown in the crease. I used the AB2 brush by Bobbi Brown for this, I used the narrower side for the whole lid and the flared part for the crease. 

                  Then for my winged eyeliner I used the Black tied velvet by Mac for my liner and the Fine eye liner brush by Bobbi Brown for the liner. 

                  Then I curled my lashes with my lash curler from Clicks and used the Mac Exteded Play Lash mascara in endlessly black , I find that this mascara makes my lashes appear extra long and fuller { my tip for achieving the false eyelashe look is coating my lashes in baby powder with a little brush } . 

                  3. Eyebrows 

                  For my brows I used the Bobbi Brown brow kit followed by the Clarins brow pencil in number 2 intense brown because I’m never satisfied with brows when I use the brow kit alone. 

                  4. My Abaya 

                  I chose to weaken of my abayas that I got at the Christmas market in Cape Town. I got a salmon one and a space grey one. I chose to wear the grey one as it goes with my purple scarf. ( I didn’t take a complete outfit photo yesterday so here’s a throwback to when I last wore it. ) 

                  I hope I gave some of you some inspiration for your next fancy/ outing/ wedding look. Please be sure to follow my on Instagram for more updates ( tagged in sidebar. xox Suraya

                  My top 5 lipsticks 

                  1. Heroine by Mac
                  I am definitely one for out of the box colours and heroine is definitely that.

                  This colour is perfect for a night out or if you want to stand out at an event. The best thing about this colour is that it looks great on any skin colour.


                  2. Photo by Mac

                  Every girl needs a good brown lipstick. My number one brown lipstick has to be photo.

                  It’s a matte lipstick that lasts all day long. Again this colour works on every complexion and has a unique look on everyone which makes it great.


                  3. Ingénue by Revlon

                  Every girl needs a nude lipstick, to add a little something to their everyday look.

                  This is my everyday nude, it has a pinkish tinge to it. I must say that it keeps your lips moisturised the whole day. This lipstick is great, however, it does not suit everyone, so I recommend that you try it on and get someone’s opinion before you buy it.


                  4. Stone by Mac 

                  This is great for a night out. It has that ashy look, but does not make your lips look dry.

                  This colour looks kind of brown on people with a lighter complexion, it looks more grey on me with a slight touch of brown.

                  This colour looks amazing on every and any complexion out there.


                  5. Grandest grape by Clinique

                  This colour is kind of a mix of Heroine and Ingénue with a touch of pink. I like to wear this colour when I don’t feel brave enough to wear Heroine.

                  This colour is more glossy and keeps your lips moisturised throughout the day. It looks great on every complexion.


                  I hope you liked this little list, leave a comment if you would like to see more posts like this or if you have any suggestions. Thanks xox Suraya.