Updated Hair Routine 

Hey guys !!! 

I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a hair related post, I’m constantly asked about my hair no matter where I am. I’ve changed my routine slightly ( to make it easier ) . I’ll link my previous hair post in this post. This will be short and sweet, so let’s get to it…


• Daily moisturiser 

Aunt Jackie’s: curl la la & curl mane-tenance | Shea Moisture: extra-moisture detangler 
I’ve written about these products before, they lock in the moisture and make your hair look healthy. They are all available at Clicks

Once a week moisturiser 

MGL naturals: Coconut Oil & Shea Butter 
Well this isn’t available in this region of Africa, I have an aunt who brings it for me from Ghana. However, you get the same thing by mixing a good quality coconut oil with Shea butter :). This makes your hair have long lasting moisture ( natural hair key 🔑 ) I usually use this once a week after I’ve done my wash and deep conditioning. 

 Shampoo and Conditioner 

Aunt Jackie’s: oh so clean! | Mixed Chicks: deep conditioner 

I wash my hair twice a week ( it’s dusty outchea ) this shampoo is AMAZING it smells good and leaves your hair squeaky clean ( literally ) it is available at Clicks. I usually Cowash my hair and deep condition it once a week. This deep conditioner has a waxy feel to it and leaves your hair feeling super light and soft. Unfortunately Mixed Chicks isn’t sold in this part of the world but you can order it from https://mixedchicks.net 

Combing and bed hair 

I still comb my hair but now I brush it as well, especially before I tie it up for the night. Brushing it has made it softer and sometimes my curls like bomb 😻. I really want a Denman brush though, you do this test on your hair type, etc and it suggests the perfect brush for you and the results you want ( here’s the link to the quiz https://www.denmanbrush.com/genie ) 

I used to braid my hair every night before I went to bed but that was tiring and took so long. Now I simply section my hair ( into 4 parts ) and comb & brush through each section before tying it up into 4 buns. Not only is this easier and less time consuming, it has the exact same effect as braiding.

Here are the links to my previous hair posts:

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I hope I’ve helped some of you :). If you have any questions about my hair feel free to comment below or hit me up on any of my social media sites ( linked in sidebar ) see you all in my next post xx 


February Favourites🌹: hair edition 

Hey guys… I know that I’ve been kind of M.I.A for the past 2+ weeks, this has been due to the weather lately: it has been rainy and I wanted to share my hair straightening technique with you but you know moisture/humidity & natural hair (straightened don’t mix). I still would like to share that with you but until the weather gets its act together I’ve decided to share my ultimate favourite hair products with you… Let’s get to it!!

  1. Aunt Jackie’s – curl mane-tenance 
    This is my ultimate favourite hair product… I use it everyday for everything from daily moisturizing to when I do a twist-out or a braid-out. This product: apart from smelling amazing, keeps your hair moisturized and can be used to enhance your curls. It’s an 11 out of 10 for me 😀
       Available at Clicks                                     
  2. Mixed Chicks : shampoo 
    I love this product because: 1. It is made for my hair. 2. It smells amazing. 3. It does its job and leaves my hair feeling soft and clean. What more do you want from a shampoo.
  3. L’Oréal Elvive: conditioner
    Ok I’m constantly switching up my conditioner but this has always been my favourite. I use it twice a week and sometimes for my deep conditioning. It lasts long and smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling amazing.
        Available at any supermarket or pharmacy 
  4. Mixed Chicks: deep conditioner
    This product locks in the moisture, makes my curls & hair feel and look amazing and smells great. What more should a deep conditioner do.
                       Bought-online: www.mixedchicks.net

    These are my ultimate favourite hair products at the moment, I hope that I’ve inspired some of your to go out and try them for yourselves. 

    DIY: cowash

    Hey guys, so today I’ve decided to share my DIY COWASH with you guys. Some of you may ask yourselves “what is a cowash?” , well… Co-washing is short for “conditioner-only washing.” It means skipping shampoo and relying solely on conditioner ( because sometimes we get lazy ) . My cowash recipe is natural and gives my hair that moisture & shine that it needs, it also makes my curls look flawless ( but you guys never see them because I always comb my hair out👀 ). Let’s get straight to it… 

    You’ll need: 

    1. a conditioner of your choice
    2. 2 tablespoons of raw coconut oil
    3. 2 tablespoons of raw Shea butter
    4. 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil 
    5. a jar for storage 

    What to do: 

    Take your jar and fill 3/4 of it with your conditioner, next add your coconut oil, Shea butter & olive oil { I suggest leaving them out to melt a bit if they are pressed, if not just use a blender to mix all of your ingredients together } et voila your cowash is done & ready for use {use it like your basic shampoo}.  Feel free to add more oils such as Argan oil for increase shine and to cover the smell of the Shea butter ( as it can be strong ). 

    Your cowash is ready to leave your hair feeling great. 

    Conditioner by Mixed chicks available from www.mixedchicks.net

    Coconut oil from DisChem

    Shea Butter from family in Sudan 

    Olive oil from your everyday supermarket 

    I hope you guys found this post interesting/useful, I know that many other people use this recipe/ or ones similar to it, but I thought that it would be something that you guys would like to see. xox Suraya 

    How I wash and condition my hair💆🏽🔑

    Hey guys, as you may or may not have known, today marks 5 years that I’ve been natural. So in celebration of this milestone I’ve decided to share my shampooing and conditioning tips, which will leave your hair feeling clean and moisturised. 

    So let’s jump straight into it….

    What you’ll need for the wash:

    1. Shampoo:

    • Mixedchicks 

    My dad recently attended a hair show in London, where he purchased this range of products that I’ve been dying to try. I must say that this product works wonders on your curls and keeps your hair moisturised for longer. Unfortunately this pruduct is not available in Botswana or South Africa yet, however, you can order it online at:

    ~An alternative to the mixed chicks shampoo is: 

    • TREsemmé Naturals

    This product has been my go to product since I started my natural hair journey. TREsemmé has managed to extract all of the essential oils & nutrients your hair needs to grow healthy. However, this product is expensive retailing at around P50 (R67). This product is available at Clicks stores & Supermarkets across Botswana and South Africa.

    2. Conditioner:

    •TREsemmé Conditioner & Apple cider vinegar 

    Again like I said earlier TREsemmé has been by my side since day 1, so it’s obviously my choice for conditioner as well. This retails for about P55 ( R74) and is available at Clicks stores & Supermarkets across Botswana and South Africa.

    I know this seems strange, like I thought this was a hair post🙄. Apple cider vinegar is a wonder product, it is brilliant on your natural hair. What I do with the vinegar is mix it with my normal conditioner and comb it through, then wash it out. What the vinegar does is break apart the product build up in your hair and unclog your pores promoting hair growth, it also leaves your hair feeling super clean and define your curls. You can find this at any supermarket.

    • Mixed chicks leave in conditioner 

    Like I said earlier this product is not available here, which is unfortunate. However, I cannot stress enough the importance of a leave in conditioner, it provides your hair with the constant moisture it needs to grow. A good, convenient alternative to buying a leave in conditioner, is making your own. I make my own leave in conditioner by mixing my everyday conditioner with water at the ratio 1:4 and putting it in a spray bottle, I then spray my hair with this at least twice a week.

    • Mixed chicks deep conditioner

    It is important to deep condition your hair regularly. I do mine every other Sunday. After washing my hair I apply a generous amount of this product or my regulat conditioner to my damp hair and comb through, then I cover it with a shower cap and chill the whole day and wash it out befor I go to bed. What this does is give your hair a boost of moisture.


    Like I said in my previous hair posts, I believe that hair should be combed. I prefer not to use an afro comb when i condition my hair, as I feel that I have less control over the comb and it does not address all of the knots. I use both this wide tooth comb and this comb with two rows of teeth which I got from Clicks, as I feel like they get rid of all of my knots.

    I hope that I helped you switch up your wash & conditioning ritual, I hope that I’ve encouraged you to try something new, if I have I would love to see your results and get your feedback { my social media is in the sidebar } xox Suraya 

    Top 4 ways to make your hair look bigger

    Hey guys.. Afro/natural hair is a big trend now, everyone is going natural. I know after your big chop you just can’t wait until your hair is big and gorgeous. 

    Unfortunately you won’t be able to make your hair look bigger immediately after your chop, but there is a lot that you can do to stimulate growth ( details in my previous hair post …). 

    Once you’ve got a reasonable length there’s more you can do to make it look bigger:

    1. Blow dry it: this could almost double the length of your hair. You can do this if your hair is wet or dry it doesn’t matter however, I do recommend doing it after you’ve washed or conditioned your hair. By doing this you avoid damaging your hair, which can happen if you do this on dry hair. 
    2. Braid out : although this takes time, it does less damage than blow drying your hair. I do this every other day. What you do is section and braid your hair ( the more braids the longer your hair will appear), cover your hair and go to sleep. In the morning I spray the braids with some water & apply the product to each braid, after this I undo the braids and comb it out. 
    3. A combination of both of the above ways: by doing this you will really get amazing results, I do this before a special occasion if I want to stand out. 
    4. Tie your hair: believe it or not but tying your hair up can make it look bigger. This works the same way as the braids, tie up your hair, go to bed and in the morning untie it and comb it out. 

    These are my top 4 ways to make your hair appear longer/bigger over night. I hope that I helped some of you make your hair look bigger, if I did make sure to tag me in your post ( my social media is in the side bar ). xox Suraya