Pink-neutral makeup look 

So I drew some eyes and put the makeup look on them ( yes I used real makeup in my sketchbook ), because I have the flu and my eyes are puffy. I promise that the next makeup look that I do will be seen on me xxx
Hey guys 

So today I’m going to share a simple pink-brown makeup look {as seen in the drawing above}

Tools & products:

Beauty Treats essential makeup palette

The colours used (1 & 3 in the crease) (2 &3 used on the lid)

MAC black tied velvet eyeshadow( used as liner)

Bobbi Brown sweep brush
Bobbi Brown blender brush

Bobbi Brown ultra precise eye liner brush


  1. I use my primer or concealer to prime my eyelids
  2. I mix number 1 & 3 from my palette and put this in my crease ( occasionally add a warmer brown or gold ) 
  3. Use my concealer on my lids tho create the “cut crease” look. 
  4. Mix colours 2 & 3 and put this on my lid ( if I want a more pink look I mix colour 1 in sometimes I add a golden colour) 
  5. Liner liner liner 
  6. Done. 
    Here’s the more pink version ft my cousin Aisha

Instagram- @aishamelamu

      Thank you guys for viewing this post, I’m still experimenting with makeup looks and am hoping to share them with you in the future xox Suraya