March favourites

Hey guys… it’s already March and today I’ve decided to share a few of my favourite things with you. 

  1. Garnier – Micellar Cleansing Water
    I love this product, I use it EVERY SINGLE DAY it works wonders and removes all of your makeup without leaving your skin feeling dry.
  2. Distraction ~ love swept
    This perfume is very floral and basically smells like summer it’s from Woolworths’ Distraction line
  3. Vanilla lip balm by Poetry
    This is a Shea butter lip balm, which keeps your lips moisturised for long however it’s kind of hard, but it’s worth it. Also it smells amazing!!
  4. My top 3 summer nail polishes 
    These colours are bright & perfect for summer, I also adore these nail polish brands they are of such good quality and all of their colours are AMAZING!!

    The first is geranium by Essie

    Second is 240 gel polish by Revlon

    And finally E72 by OPI

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    Summer essentialsĀ 

    Summer has finally returned to the Southern Hemisphere(šŸŽ‰) and although it is as hot as hell I couldn’t be happier. It is super dry and hot where I’m from, so today I am going to share my go to product that make this season a little more bearable. Today’s post consists of hair and skin products that lock in moisture and keep you feeling and looking fresh, along with other products that make summer better… Let’s get to it. 

    1. HAIR 

    My hair gets very greasy in summer so I don’t use any products that add too much to this as I constantly have to wash it. 

    Here are a few products perfect for this season: 

    1. The leave-in conditioner by Mixed Chicks

    This product keeps your hair moisturized while making your curls stand out and is light so you are not adding any extra weight to your hair. 

    2.Coconut soufflĆ© by Mizani

    This product is similar to the leave-in conditioner. It is light, smells great and keeps your hair moisturized and soft. 

    3. Hair silk by Mixed Chicks

    I only use this product after I have washed my hair as it promotes shine. However, it can make your hair greasy so I do recommend using it on washed/wet hair for the best result. 

    All of the products above can be purchased from retailers in South Africa or online
    2. FACE & BODY 

    1.PREP & PRIME by Mac

    This product is perfect for setting your make up and preventing that summer glow ( sweat ). It comes for your different skin types too. 

    2. Intensive care by Vaseline

    This product is light and keeps your skin moisturized and glowing.

    3. Coconut oil by Lemcke

    I know that is says cooking oil on it but it is the perfect sunblock šŸ˜… trust me coconut oil is great for everything. 

    4. Miracle skin perfector BB cream by Garnier

    This product is light and a miracle. It evens out your skin tone making your skin look perfect. 

    5. Light blue by Dolce & Gabbana

    This perfume makes me think of the beach and is light, just what summer should be like. 

    6. Endless love by Victoria’s Secret

    This product is more floral than the first perfume but still remisnds me of summer. 

    7. Revlon colorburst

    This is the perfect gloss nude for summer. 

    Those are my favourite products for summer, hopefully you guys will try them out. I would also love it if you commented some of your favourite products for me to test out and share them with me on my social media (tagged in the side bar. Please also like my Facebook page ( also in sidebar ) xox Suray