Hi guys, today I decided to show you a few different ways to wear denim. There’s more than just your basic pair of everyday jeans, today’s post will feature dresses, shorts, shirts, jeans and dungarees. Denim is a great material that looks great on everyone so let’s get started..



~jeans by Guess from Options

~ denim shirts from Forever 21 

You can wear Denim on Denim without replicating the disaster of JT and Britney in 2001. Denim on Denim has become very fashionable and is rocked everyday, it’s all about matching the colour perfectly and accessorizing the right way. This look works with any cut of jeans, and the right shade of blue, otherwise it is a complete disaster. 

~ denim shirt from Forever 21

~white jeans by News from Mr. Price

The denim on denim look can also be pulled off by mixing 2 completely different colours of denim e.g blue & white or blue & black, in this way you are still rocking this trend but in a more subtle way. 


~ dungarees by hey Betty inherited from my aunt 

~ grey t-shirt from CottonOn

Everyone can rock dungarees without looking like a farmer. They come in all colours and can be very chic if accessorize do the right way. 


~ cutoffs made by me by cutting a pair of boyfriend jeans from CottonOn

~ grey t-shirt from CottonOn

Long cutoffs is a new trend rocked by the Kardashians and many more celebs. 


~ denim jacket from Mr. Price

~ olive pants by Countryroad from Woolworths


~ denim dress from Forever 21

~ bandana from a flea market 

That’s all folks. I apologize for not wearing the clothes myself, I am not feeling great, I will definitely wear the clothes myself in my next clothing post xox Suraya 


Travel essentials 

Hey guys!! I love to travel, it is the most freeing thing and builds up your knowledge of things on this planet. Today I thought that I would share with you a few things that I cannot travel without, so let’s get straight to it. 

1. Some Entertainment  


– Of course I need my phone with me 24/7. I usually use it to play games & take pictures or videos of my journey as a way of keeping myself entertained. iPhone 5s from Apple. 

– My iPod, which is full of music. Music has always been in my life & keeps me calm, I could literally fall asleep listening to music. It’s also a way to block out your surroundings. 

– My  instax mini 8 by Fuji film. I carry this with me just to take more pictures during the journey & at my destination. ( I also have a photo wall in my room, so I’m always trying to add to it ). 

 a portable charger,  there is nothing worse than having your phone or iPod die on you, so to avoid this from happening I recommend that you invest in one of these, they come in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes. Mine is a simple one by Apple and is available in all Apple Stores. 


I’ve read It by Alexa Chung like a million times, it’s my ultimate favourite so I always have it in my travel bag. This book is no longer available in Exclusive Books but you can order it through them. 

A notebook to jot down ideas. I’ve always kept a journal of my travels, so I always have a little journal with me. I got this little journal at The Farmers market at Bull-n-Bush. 

2. Keeping comfy/warm

The weather is unpredictable, so it’s always important to be prepared for anything. I always carry a jumper or cardigan with me just in case. 

The zebra print scarf is from Woolworths & the jumper is from Primark 

3. A bag that will be able to carry all of your essentials & keep you looking stylish. 


This brown leather tote is from Woolworths

4. Snacks 

I didn’t take any pictures of the snacks that I usually take with me, but I always have a packet of sweets in my travel bag & spare change to buy more :). Ok for real though, when I travel by car I usually make myself some sandwiches to carry with me as a snack along with a few bottles of water & a variety of juices. 

New update!!

Attention everyone you can now follow my blog on Bloglovin’!!! I tried to put the widget in the sidebar but it’s not an option on WordPress yet. Anyway just search for ~ The Pyramid Journal by Suraya Dereige ~ on Bloglovin’ & you’re good to go, this is just another way to stay updated on the blogs activities xx Suraya 

Keys to looking & feeling great 

Hey guys! Today I decided to share how I stay fit, I’m such a lazy person but I try and this is what works for me.. Let’s get started. 

1. Eating well 

I know everyone says that it is important to fill your body with the right stuff and that is true because if you just eat fatty and sweet foods, they will just sit in your stomach and soon turn into fats which will make you appear bigger and bloated. 

Eating well doesn’t mean that you should only eat raw fruits and vegetables, it means eating a balanced meal, yes you can eat everything! I believe that you shouldn’t deprive yourself from eating what you want, I eat everything in small portions. 

It is important to remember that things like proteins and carbohydrates take longer to digest, so by eating them before things like fruits and vegetables that the body digests faster leaves them sitting there to rot and then be transformed into fats. Nutritionist have come up with a way to eat everything in the best way for your digestive system, I’ve tried it and I must say that doing that alone made my stomach flater, here’s what they say: 

  1. Raw fruits and vegetables should be eaten first as they pass through the digestive system fastest 
  2. Then cooked vegetables and fruits 
  3. Them comes your carbohydrates and proteins. 

Trust me it sounds ridiculous but it works. 

2. Exercise 

Eating well and exercise go hand in hand. I eat whatever I want and then burn it off at home or in the gym. 

I’m such a lazy person and I’m always looking for the easiest way to stay fit. I normally do 30 day challenges ( I’ll put my favourite ones below), as a constant way to exercise as I don’t go to the gym so often. I have always been a runner, I find it relaxing to go for a jog around my neighborhood or go hiking, so that’s what I usually do. 

The 30 day challenges are from http://www.cultnailsblog.comRemember that these things take time, as long as you remain focused your goals aren’t far. 

I hope that my tip/what I do, inspired or motivated some of you to try them out. These things work best for me, it’s not for everyone, stick to what works best for you. Don’t forget to follow me on my other social media ( tagged in the sidebar).  See you all soon love Suraya xxx 

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